My name is Marcos Minond, and I’m a Software Engineer. I work on distributed systems at my work and computer languages as a passion. I also volunteer at the Refugee Education and Training Center of Utah as a mentor, organizer, and teacher for programming classes. Here’s a link to my GitHub profile and another one to my resume.

Talks and posts

Same (ADT) type, different meaning

There are instances where the semantics of distinct types overlap. Through ADTs and OOP, it is possible to represent this using different sets of types, while still being able to work with the set unions and intersections in a way that is type safe.

From parsing to interpretation: let’s build a language

The understanding of program evaluation can be a truly enlightening thing for a programmer. By breaking down the process to its essence and implementing the parsing and interpretation steps for a Lisp, we will explore both the interesting and oddly simple algorithms employed in making a language with all of the familiar characteristics like variables, higher-order functions, conditionals, and lexical scope. [slides]

Selected projects and software

  • UtahRETC OSS, content for Java Programming/Oracle Certified Associate Java SE 8 Programmer course I teach at RETC.
  • The consumr project is a crowd sourced platform to help us all learn a little bit more about the things we buy, sell, and consume every day.
  • Brainfuck and Brainloller "IDEs". Run your code in an interactive editing and debugging environment.
  • servies is a micro http framework in bash, yes, bash, that uses netcat to listen for and respond to HTTP requests.
  • G.O.V. is a tool for managing Go versions.
  • serv is a server that easily lets you serve over HTTPS, clone and serve git repositories, static files, setup redirects, execute commands, and create reverse proxies, use multiple subdomains.
  • dearme is the easiest way to journal ever. We send a few texts a day. You answer. We add your Instagram photos. You have a journal.